John Forbes for Polk County Supervisor


Property Taxes

Polk County residents are concerned about rising property taxes.  Many, especially seniors, worry about being able to remain in their homes. As an Urbandale City Council member, John helped keep the city’s tax levy one of the lowest in Polk County. As a state legislator, John worked across the aisle to keep state spending in check. John will hold the line on property tax increases. In the 2022 legislative session, John helped manage the bill to lower property taxes statewide. As an employer and local business owner, John knows the value of a tax dollar and will work to make sure those dollars are spent wisely.

Mental Health

Iowa and Polk County are in a mental health crisis. As a pharmacist and health care professional, John has often seen patients in mental health crises. He worked in the Iowa legislature to improve mental health services across our state. John will bring his expertise to the Board of Supervisors, working to ensure funding for and expansion of mental health services in Polk County.

Clean water and climate

Polk County and Iowa continue to experience weather extremes as a result of the climate crisis.  While a global challenge, we also need strong local action to improve our climate future. Local governments must lead in reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting the use of alternative energy. The County must continue to expand and encourage the use of innovative conservation practices, like saturated buffers and wetlands to safeguard and improve water quality.


Polk County government must provide for orderly and sustainable growth as our core community expands, while respecting the rural character of a large part of our area. Polk County residents deserve the highest quality services, including a system of well-maintained county roads and timely snow removal. These services contribute to the high quality of life we enjoy as residents of Iowa’s most populous county. Polk County must ensure that all its facilities and equipment are in good order for the safety and well-being of its residents.